Lake Maps and Lake Levels

Lake maps
A link to the Lake of the Woods Control Board website, which provides a detailed basin map, a drainage basin schematic and a basin profile.

Rainy Lake level
A link to the rule curves and current elevation for Rainy Lake.

Namakan Lake level
A link to the IJC curve and current elevation for Namakan Lake.

Monthly lake level data
A link to Rainy Lake and Namakan Lake monthly minimum and maximum limits for a full year.

International Falls powerhouse – daily data
This link provides water levels for the head pond and the tailrace, as well as data for the water flow and temperature. Data provided is for the past ten days up through yesterday’s date.


For information on lake levels or outflows, contact:

Boise Paper, International Falls, Minnesota
Lori Lyman
Phone: 218 285 5312

Sam Cassibo
Phone: 218 285 5737

H2O Power LP, Fort Frances, Ontario
Marc Mantha
Phone: 905 438 8539, ext: 203

Lake of the Woods Secretariat
Phone: 800 661 5922