Box Tops for Education is a leading program that helps support education and America’s schools. Boise Paper is excited to be the exclusive office paper brand that participates in Box Tops, and is proud to help K-8 schools earn money for essential supplies.

Individual participating schools can earn up to $20,000 annually from the clip program alone.

Box Tops from specially marked reams of Boise Paper’s paper products can be redeemed for 10 cents each for your child’s school. When combined with Box Tops clips from other products, you can see how a single dime can become thousands of dollars. Boise Paper is committed to providing consistent, high-quality papers that satisfy our customers’ many needs. With Box Tops, customers continue to see that same commitment to quality, but in a different and rewarding way—quality in their children’s education.

Printing with extra white papers has always been a bright idea, but now Boise Paper is making it even brighter.

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