Our commitment to sustainable forestry:

Sustaining Forest VideoAt Boise Paper we don’t own forest land, so we protect forests through responsible wood fiber sourcing. We believe there are three credible and independently valid certification programs available today, and we believe free and fair competition among them fosters continuous improvement.

Did you know?

Over 91% of wood harvested in the U.S. comes from privately owned lands (10 million people in the U.S. own family forests). Many of these landowners rely on sustainably harvesting a portion of their forest to earn an income. If these families cannot earn a living from their forests, there’s a good chance they’ll cut them down for farmland or real estate development.


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Boise Paper is committed to responsible fiber procurement practices

Boise Paper understands there are different opinions regarding the status of specific forest areas in North America. That’s why we rely on internationally recognized, credible and science-based conservation organizations – like the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and Conservation International’s NatureServe – to make determinations regarding the status of forest areas.

We believe there are three credible and independently valid certification programs available today. In fact, according to the U.S. National Society of State Foresters, “No certification program can credibly claim to be ‘best’, and no certification program that promotes itself as the only certification option can maintain credibility.” We also believe that free and fair competition among programs fosters continuous improvement, and we work with our customers to ensure our certification choices meet their needs


Boise Paper is made
in the United States,
and helps keep
American forests
growing and local
economies thriving.

Forest Certification

Forest certification verifies that a specific area of forest is being managed according to certain sustainability standards that work toward the well-being of the environment, as well as the economy and humanity.

Fiber Sourcing Certification

Fiber Sourcing governs how participants obtain wood fiber from forestland. It’s particularly useful to organizations that do not own or manage their own land, but purchase wood directly from forests. It helps ensure harvesting best practices and encourages landowners to become certified.

Chain-of Custody Certification

Chain-of-Custody (COC) is a means of tracking certified wood and wood-based products throughout the supply chain. A COC-certified product is a product from a manufacturer that follows the applicable COC standard and complies with the certification claim made on its packaging.

Our Commitment in Action

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  • We have professional foresters on staff to ensure wood fiber is responsibly sourced from properly managed forests.

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  • We contribute substantially to research conducted by the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement to advance our knowledge of forestry and forest services, including the importance of forests and forest products for carbon sequestration.

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  • We require all indirect suppliers (suppliers of residual sawmill chips and market pulps) to declare their sourcing areas. Further, our sourcing controls are consistent with Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC’s) Controlled Wood Standard and Sustainable Forest Initiative’s (SFI’s) Certified Sourcing Standard.

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  • All of our wood fiber suppliers are contractually bound to provide Boise Paper and PCA with legally harvested wood fiber for our operations. Compliance is an enforced contract provision, as defined by federal laws and best management practices at the state level.

PCA’s Boise Paper mills are certified to all three procurement standards available in the U.S.

You can have confidence the fiber we procure comes from well-managed forests, as evidenced by our fiber procurement certifications from these independent third-party programs.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, (SFI) Inc.

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Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)

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Programme for the Endorsement of
Forest Certification (PEFC)

Sustaining Our (FAMILY) Forest

In the United States, over 400 million acres of forestland are privately owned – most by individuals, or families. We call them “family forests.” The vast majority of wood fiber used in Boise Paper products is purchased from these forests.


Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®)

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) is a North American standard, developed by professional foresters, conservationists, scientists, and others, to promote sustainable forest management and address key environmental, social, and economic forest values.

Learn More About SFI

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global forestry certification organization with standards designed to protect and maintain natural communities and high conservation value forest, while respecting and protecting the rights of workers, communities, and indigenous peoples.

Learn More About FSC

North American Forest Partnership logo

North American Forest Partnership (NAFP)

The North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) is a diverse group of companies and organizations from throughout the United States and Canada committed to the management of sustainable, healthy forests. The NAFP community includes more than 100 members who represent the diversity of the forest sector and who are united by a shared ethic of forest stewardship. We work with members to align and amplify the diverse voices of the forest sector, celebrating their stories and hosting conversations that will help shape the future of forests. Through our #forestproud communication program, we are engaging the public to address questions they have regarding the management and protection of forest resources with credible answers drawn from our membership.

Certifications & Policy

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