Best Indoor Plants to Make Your Office Greener – Literally

June 16, 2021

Whether you’re in a well-lit window office, a corner cubicle, or a desk at home, plants can brighten up any workspace. They are proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity, and clean the air. So, if you don’t have any plants greening up your office life, here are a few great options to get started!

  • Succulents – A popular choice, succulents such as cacti require little water and enjoy the sun. They are easy to care for and come in many different sizes. They look great on your desk or windowsill and often come in bunches. If you have a small space, one or two of these would be a great start.
  • ZZ Plant because they require little water and can survive in all light types. If the leaves begin to fall off, add more water, and they will come right back. This plant is good for spaces with high ceilings because it can grow quite tall.
  • Snake Plants – Snake plants are another office favorite because they can survive easily on little light and no water and they are very visually appealing. Snake plants are perfect for those who are only in the office a few times a week, because they require minimal care.
  • Peace Lily – Everyone needs some peace in their work environment. As long as you keep the soil moist and mist it regularly, you will have a healthy plant. Pay attention to the leaves – if they start drooping you know this plant is thirsty. Because a peace lily does not require direct sunlight, it is a great addition to a cubical. Peace lilies are renowned for removing harmful toxins from the air and look as pretty as their name.
  • Ficus Benjamina – Also known as the weeping fig, these look great alone or with a mix of other plants. They work particularly well in interior offices or cubes with bright light, keeping in mind they don’t like cold drafts from windows or doors. This plant needs a consistent watering schedule, so it’s best for those who are in their workspace most days.

We spend most of our day in the office, so it’s essential to find small ways to add some personality to our workspaces. Try out some different varieties to see which plants best match your temperament and aesthetic. No matter how big or small, adding live greenery will definitely perk up your space.

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