Eco-Conscious Printing: How Businesses Can Contribute to Sustainable Paper Practices

March 06, 2024

In today’s world, where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of many discussions, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices. One area where companies can make a significant impact is in their paper use and printing practices.

From reducing paper waste to choosing eco-friendly materials, here are a few strategies that can help you and your organization become more eco-conscious in your printing operations.

Opt for Recycled Paper

One of the simplest ways for businesses to promote sustainability in their printing is by implementing recycled paper into the mix. Recycled paper, like Boise ASPEN Recycled Copy Paper, is made from post-consumer waste, reducing the need for virgin wood pulp and conserving energy consumption.

Implement Double-Sided Printing

Encourage double-sided printing for internal projects to reduce paper consumption and waste. Use a high-quality paper, such as Boise POLARIS Premium Paper, that is designed for two-sided printing and has no bleed through and set default printer settings to duplex to make double-sided printing the norm in your office environment. Reducing waste can help promote sustainability across your business, but it’s also important to remember that American-manufactured paper actually benefits our nation’s forestland and is a driving force in maintaining it for future generations.

Choose Sustainable Printing Partners

When outsourcing printing projects, choose printing partners that prioritize sustainability. Look for printing companies that use eco-friendly printing techniques, such as vegetable or soy-based inks and waterless printing processes. Inquire about paper sourcing practices to ensure our printer prioritizes sustainably sourced paper.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Printers

Energy-efficient printers consume less power during operation, reducing both energy costs and environmental impact. Look for printers with ENERGY STAR certification, which signifies adherence to strict energy efficiency standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additionally, consider implementing printer management software to optimize printing processes and minimize unnecessary printing.

Recycle and Properly Dispose of Paper Waste

Establish a paper recycling program in your workplace to ensure that paper waste is properly disposed of and recycled. Place recycling bins strategically throughout the office and provide clear guidelines on what can be recycled. Partner with recycling companies or local waste management facilities to ensure that recycled paper is processed responsibly.

By implementing these strategies, businesses can help promote sustainable practices and reduce their environmental footprint.


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