How to Nail a Follow Up Interview

April 23, 2024

Getting invited for a second-round interview can be equally exciting and nerve-wracking. This means you did well in the first-round interview and the company is seriously considering you. The key to calming any pre-interview nerves is being prepared! So before your follow-up interview, think about these tips.

Be ready for different types of interviews

Second round or follow-up interviews may involve different formats and scenarios than the first one, according to an article by LinkedIn. You might need to engage with various individuals, including senior executives or prospective coworkers. Be ready to adapt to various circumstances and prepare for more situational questions about how you would handle various scenarios, as those are more likely to come in a second interview.

Do your research

Indeed notes that conducting a deep dive on the company is highly recommended. You likely researched the company before your first interview, so this is a chance to dive deeper. Take this opportunity to research the specific department you’re interviewing for as well as the people you are interviewing with and be ready for a conversation tailored around their specific roles and expectations.

Come up with questions ahead of time

Use what you learned in the first interview to prepare insightful questions that show you understand the company and its culture. This could be the last chance to ask about day-to-day responsibilities and concerns before going into the offer/negotiations stage. Indeed recommends preparing a list of 5-10 questions while also remaining open to adding more based on the conversation during the interview. This not only helps you gauge if the position aligns with your

Always follow up

After a second interview round, get back in touch with your recruiter the same day to give your input and thank them for organizing the second round. According to LinkedIn, this gesture demonstrates gratitude and reaffirms your enthusiasm for the role and is essential for seeking feedback and staying informed about the next steps. It’s crucial to maintain a courteous, professional demeanor and remain top-of-mind without coming across as overly eager.

It can seem daunting to go into a follow-up interview, but preparing can go a long way. Keep in mind that you’re already on a great track if they’re asking you to come back in!


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