Made in the USA Makes a Difference

August 12, 2019
At Boise Paper, “Made in the USA” isn’t just a source of pride – it has true economic impact. For decades, Boise Paper products have been made with pride at mills right here in the United States, delivering on a commitment to community, quality and service. As one of the most trusted names in the office products industry, we take pride in manufacturing high quality paper and do everything we can to meet the highest standards.

But when we say our products are made in the USA, what does that mean for you? Here’s why making Boise Paper products in the USA makes all the difference:

  • Quality Service: Boise Paper’s domestic manufacturing and distribution gives our consumers the benefit of consistent quality, faster delivery and responsive customer service and sales reps who work to develop custom programs and solutions that meet unique customer needs – we promise to get you the paper you want, when you need it. We also believe safety and success go hand-in-hand, which is why employees are committed to a zero-incident safety vision.
  • Consistency: With American mills that have been hard at work for nearly a century, Boise Paper has regulated processes in place when producing paper, creating consistent and reliable results. And, by choosing to manufacture in the USA, we’ve committed to higher standards for manufacturing. The result is a product that looks, feels and performs to the same standard time after time.
  • Sustainability: Boise Paper mills hold USA environmental certifications – including PEFC™, FSC® and SFI® Chain of Custody, and SFI® Certified Sourcing – that reflect Boise Paper’s fundamental commitment to supporting sustainable forestry. And, while paper making is an energy-intensive endeavor, the majority of the energy used in Boise Paper’s mills is self-generated using renewable, carbon-natural biomass.
  • Community Support: We proudly support American jobs and local economies, employing more than 1,500 men and women across the country. We regularly invest in the communities our employees and customers call home and collaborate with organizations like the American Red Cross, #forestproud and the Arbor Day Foundation. Boise Paper also supports building and revitalizing urban parks through ProjectUP™.

Boise Paper is more than just a paper company; it provides community and economic support throughout the country. Learn more here:

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