Mentor Programs Improve Employee Experience

September 28, 2022

Mentor programs in the workplace are often used to integrate new employees into their new role. However, a mentoring program is also important for ongoing employee satisfaction and retention, as well as building an overall positive company culture. In fact, according to a CNBC Workplace Happiness Survey, 91% of workers who have a mentor report being satisfied with their jobs.

Here are three ways having a mentorship program can benefit any company.

Improved onboarding process

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, but having an established mentor can ease some of that anxiety. Simply knowing who to go to when questions or issues arise can make a difference in how smoothly a new employee is integrated into the office. And a successful onboarding process can often mean higher productivity long-term.

Increased employee satisfaction and retention

Having happy, fulfilled employees is beneficial for any employer, as satisfied employees are more productive and tend to stay at their job longer. In fact, the value of mentorship shows up in several key ways when it comes to employee satisfaction, as workers with a mentor are more likely than those without to say they’re well paid (79% vs. 69%) and to believe that their contributions are valued by their colleagues (89% vs. 75%). These are two key components of overall happiness at work. Not only does mentorship contribute to overall employee satisfaction, but it can also have a direct impact on employee retention, as the survey shows workers without a mentor are more likely to consider quitting their job than those who have a mentor.

Enhanced career development

Seventy-one percent of employees with a mentor say their company provides them with excellent or good opportunities to advance their career, while just 47% of those without a mentor say the same. A mentor is there to encourage a mentee’s personal and professional development, as well as provide the space to set goals and discuss areas of growth. Having regular check-ins about these goals can keep employees on track and hold them accountable. Meanwhile, mentors can provide valuable knowledge about career path – because they’ve already done it!

Having a mentor who knows the ins and outs of the company can prove invaluable for motivated employees looking to take the next step in their career or grow their responsibilities. If your office hasn’t established a mentorship program yet, consider this your sign to get started!

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