Preparing Your Home Office for Productive Printing

October 13, 2021

If you are one of the many employees consistently working from your home office, it’s essential to evaluate your home printing needs. Is one small printer and a single ream of paper still the right fit? Here are some elements to consider when making this decision.

Working Style: Some people are great at reading, editing, and taking notes on a screen. For them, a basic printer will do. But according to The Hechinger Report, most studies point to better reading comprehension from printed material over screens. For those who like to see things on paper, adapting your home office to facilitate more printing may help improve your workday. Make sure your home printing station is prepared with a high-quality printer that will turn out documents day after day.

In-person Interactions: Do you frequently meet with clients and need to print documents such as contracts, proposals, or presentations? Make sure you have high-quality paper that will impress. Boise POLARIS premium papers are great when you need professional-quality work that is bold and bright.

Volume: If you are the only person printing in your home, a basic printer and one ream of paper may fit your needs. But for homes with two or more working adults or a house full of school-aged children, consider something that can print quickly with high output. Of equivalent importance, make sure to purchase the right type of printer paper, such as Boise X-9, America’s top-selling paper brand. With a 99.99% Jam-Free® Performance Guarantee, X-9 is a worry-free option that keeps your day running smoothly.

With work from home a new ongoing reality, make sure you have the printer and office papers that will help make your workday as efficient and effective as possible.

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