Cost Savings / ROI

Business Procurement ROI

One of the most essential factors to consider for achieving the best business results lies in a cost-effective procurement department. Explore creative ways to achieve cost reduction while maintaining quality products.

Cost Efficiency Drives Value for Procurement Organizations

Cost reduction is at the top of the agenda for any business, according to an article by The Hackett Group titled, “Achieving Procurement Excellence in the Age of Digital Disruption.”

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Return on Sustainability: The Value and ROI of Sustainable Procurement

For many years, companies have focused sustainability efforts around their own carbon footprint, but today they have shifted their attention to the entire life cycle of their product or service.

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Supply Chain Optimization: Levers for Rapid EBITDA

Even though supply chains are at the core of moving physical goods within and between companies, they represent one of the largest unaddressed cost blocks.

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Value Propositions to Consider when Buying Paper

Paper is one of the most utilized tools in the workplace and is likely a large part of a business’s spending, so the price of paper is a main concern.

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