SPLOX® - Speed Loading Box®

This carton makes printing easier, faster, and safer

Product Specs

Smarter Printing

When you don’t have time to waste

The SPLOX® re-closable box opens in two quick steps. With no wrappers to remove, you can quickly load 2,500 sheets of paper – faster than any other packaging option. Plus, the ergonomic handle evenly distributes the paper’s weight, making it easier and safer to move where you need it.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in X-9®, ASPEN® 30, and Boise POLARIS® Multipurpose
  • Two-step, easy open carton for fast access to 2,500 sheets of paper
  • 99.99% Jam-Free performance guaranteed
  • Re-closable box for quick, waste-free storage
  • Ergonomic handle for carrying convenience
  • Nearly 10 minutes saved for every 15 minutes of ordinary loading

Use for:

  • High volume print jobs
  • Office copy paper

Product Specifications

Weight: 20 lb.
Brightness: 92, 97

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Standards & Certifications

Proudly made in the USA

We proudly support U.S. jobs and local economies, employing more than 500 men and women at our mill.

Helping You through a Jam, by Preventing it.

Boise Paper’s 99.99% Jam-Free Guarantee® ensures performance you can trust.

Performance Certified

Through its Buyers Lab product line, Keypoint Intelligence is the global leader in independent office equipment evaluations, including rigorous paper testing for misfeeding, image quality, dusting, and curl.

FSC® chain of custody certified

This paper is FSC® Certified, contributes to satisfying credit MR1 under LEED, and is 100% Acid-Free.

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