ProjectUP™ Helps the Planet, People, and Economy Prosper

May 14, 2024

From local gardens to lush rainforests, trees around the world fulfill a vital role in providing the necessities of life. Not only do trees clean our air and water, but they also provide habitat for wildlife, enrich communities, and support our overall health and well-being. For the past 13 years, Boise Paper has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation on ProjectUP™, a project dedicated to revitalizing neighborhoods across North America through tree planting.

What does ProjectUP do?

Every ProjectUP event succeeds thanks to the active participation of local partners who engage and mobilize community members. Depending on the specific location and requirements, volunteers at ProjectUP events unite to plant trees, working in tandem with residents to develop maintenance strategies and ensure the ongoing health of the newly planted trees.

How do trees impact neighborhoods?

Because we live in an urbanized nation, having trees in our city centers and towns is crucial for the overall health of our society. According to the U.S. Forest Service, trees in cities are mighty multi-taskers, reducing energy costs, mitigating air pollution, managing stormwater, boosting housing values, providing habitat for wildlife, and even improving community health outcomes. Additionally, these urban forests enhance city aesthetics with their beauty, shape, and architectural contribution. By diminishing noise pollution and providing recreational spaces, urban forests promote social unity, stimulate community rejuvenation, and contribute economic worth to our neighborhoods.

What has ProjectUP accomplished?

From Florida to California, ProjectUP has planted trees in communities across the U.S. and Canada. In fact, volunteers at ProjectUP events have planted almost 4,000 trees, helping revitalize neighborhoods in 16 different cities. Last year, our parent company, Packaging Corporation of America, joined our efforts to expand ProjectUP and help even more communities that need trees in the ground.

ProjectUP is our way of taking our sustainability promises from our business into our local communities. We look forward to many more tree planting events to come!


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