Sustainability Breakdown: Social, Economic and Environment

November 14, 2021

For many, the idea of “sustainability” is synonymous with “environmental protection.” But for companies committed to it, sustainability is a much broader, far-reaching term that encompasses three different areas: social responsibility, economic impact, and environmental stewardship. At Boise Paper, our Paper with Purpose® promise is a commitment to devote time and resources across all three pillars of sustainability.

Social Responsibility. The goal of social responsibility is to help improve the places where we all live and work, for the good of all society. That can take many forms, from supporting local or national non-profit organizations and community groups with dollars and donations, to encouraging volunteerism and engagement in our local communities.

Economic Impact. Businesses must stay profitable while embracing supply chain transparency, be conscious of human and labor rights, and be good stewards of our resources. At Boise Paper, our products have been manufactured in the U.S. for decades by hard-working individuals, keeping jobs and dollars in local economies and delivering on a commitment to community, quality, and service.

Environmental Stewardship. The responsible use and protection of the natural eco-system through sustainable practices is at the core of environmental stewardship. Protecting forests through responsible wood fiber sourcing is a top priority of Boise Paper. We work with internationally recognized, credible and science-based conservation organizations to guide our fiber procurement practices.

Sustainability is at the core of business for Boise Paper and many other companies making headway toward contributing positively to all three interconnected pillars.

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