The Right Tools to Use to Save Big

January 27, 2021

Whether working at home or in the office, your filing system can support the management and growth of your business – if implemented the right way. Here are five essential elements to

The COVID-19 pandemic has been brutal to nearly all businesses. With nearly 79% of small businesses reporting a negative effect by last summer*, cutting costs is more important than ever to survive in this tough environment. Here are some user-friendly virtual tools to help you get work done on a budget.

  • Free conference lines. Remote calls are a breeze thanks to several free conference line services, many of which come with screen sharing and video conferencing. One option is UberConference. It’s free to sign up for calls lasting up to 45 minutes.
  • Multimedia design. Multimedia design and video tools such as Pablo, Canva, and Animoto will help employees tap into their creative sides. These online tools are easy to use, cost effective and produce high-quality visuals. Creating excellent social graphics, flyers, newsletters, online ads, and videos is made simple with these tools. Plus, they’re a great replacement for a full-time graphic designer or in-house production team.
  • Google Drive. Using Google Drive can be a game changer in a collaborative environment, especially for smaller teams and projects. Set everyone up with a Google Drive account and you’ll have the ability to work on documents together as a team, share items with one another, upload files and more. Google Drive offers a variety of documents, including traditional documents, spreadsheets, slides, forms, etc.
  • Project management platforms. In the same vein, using tools to help manage projects and accounts can be extremely helpful for someone with a lot on their plate. Online tools – like com – are excellent devices to keep everyone in-sync with project statuses, next steps and assigning out tasks. This type of tool is often free with limited capabilities, and additional services are available for a fee. Try the free applications to find a match with your team before switching to a more advanced model.
  • Social media. Social media channels – like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter – are free services that have the power to amplify any message for your client or your own company. Organically post to build credibility for your business, attract potential customers or clients through strong, interesting content and connect with people through the platforms. There are many avenues to explore on social media and starting with the freebies is a perfect place to start.


* August 2020 U.S. Census Bureau Small Business Pulse Survey

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