Office Must-Haves for Working Remotely

May 27, 2020

Most offices now look very different thanks to social distancing. Similarly, the list of indispensable office items has changed quickly. Here are some “must-have” supplies to get you through the at-home work week.

  • Comfortable Chair – Working from home means a lot of sitting in one place for long periods of time. Unlike in a traditional office setting, there are less excuses to move around throughout the day. A comfortable chair is a must to make this situation more bearable. Look for a chair with great neck and back support, a good cushion, and wheels for easy mobility.
  • Beverage Maker – Don’t let working from home interrupt your routine of getting your morning caffeine. Set up your own barista station in your kitchen to get your daily fix. Whether it’s a Keurig that has the ability to make a variety of drinks, a cappuccino maker for something a bit stronger, or a basic tea pot – you’ll be glad to keep some normalcy in your day.
  • Good Headset – Team calls, client meetings and company presentations have all gone virtual with conference calls and Zoom meetings. A good set of headphones with microphone will help you put your best foot forward during these events. A headset will produce a clearer sound and help eliminate background noise, so you don’t have to worry about colleagues hearing the dog barking or lawn mower outside.
  • Printer Station – Just because the world has moved to a remote-style of working, doesn’t mean you won’t need to utilize a printer and paper. Set up a printer station near your workspace to easily access when printing documents such as contracts, work plans, articles for proofing, and more. Make sure you have ink on hand for when it needs replacing and are stocked up on high-quality paper, like Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose paper, which is highly versatile, performs in all types of printers and has a 99.99% Jam-Free Guarantee.
  • Moveable Workspace Equipment – While having a designated workspace is ideal, it’s not possible for everyone. Instead, keep your work items organized, with a collection of folders for papers and small containers for items like pens, paper clips, and post-it notes, and a laptop case for electronics. That way when the workday is over, you can simply pack up your work items and put them away for the night, turning the kitchen table back into a kitchen table just in time for dinner.

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