Unexpected Tools to Make Office Life Easier

July 21, 2021

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of day-to-day work, using the same tips, tricks, and tools for years. Refresh your office routine by swapping in a few new tools to make your everyday work life easier.

Virtual Assistant

You most likely already have a smart device with a virtual assistant at home that you use to play music, ask questions, set timers while cooking, and more. But do you have one in your office? Think of all the benefits! Quietly playing background music, running quick calculations, and even help managing your daily schedule with reminders and alarms. Whether you’re a fan of Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Google, training your office “assistant” will be a time investment you won’t regret.

Boise SPLOX®

If your job includes reloading the printer, you know how distracting and tiring loading multiple individual reams can be. Make this a quick and easy process when you buy Boise SPLOX®. Available for Boise X-9®, ASPEN® 30, and Boise POLARIS® Multipurpose, the ergonomic handle evenly distributes the paper’s weight, making it easier and safer to move paper to where you need it. The SPLOX® re-closable box opens in two quick steps, and with no wrappers to remove, 2,500 sheets of paper can be quickly loaded and ready to print.

Phone/Laptop Stand

Prevent neck and back pain and boost your on-camera posture when you add a phone and laptop stand to your desk. Not only will this help maximize your desk and working area, but most phone stands can also double as a iPad or tablet stand allowing you to expand your screen space or multitask with an additional device.



Online resources are great for many things, but nothing beats an old-school physical dictionary/thesaurus on your desk. Brainstorming is much easier when you can scan through physical lists of words. Not to mention, learning new words is a great “side effect” of looking up a word in a print dictionary — open to any page and you will likely see a word or two you don’t know.

Whether old school or new school, refreshing your office tools can make a big difference in your day-to-day routine.

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