Value Propositions to Consider when Buying Paper

August 24, 2022

Paper is one of the most utilized tools in the workplace and is likely a large part of a business’s spending, so the price of paper is a main concern. However, price is just one component of the total cost of buying and consuming paper. Other factors that impact cost include performance, consistency, appearance, and manufacturer support. Highlighted in our white paper, choosing the right paper can bring long-term value to your workplace and simplify those day-to-day activities.


Let’s break down the different value considerations when selecting your paper supplier:

The Value of Efficiency

One way that paper can cost a business time and money is through inconveniences like paper jams. While it may seem like an insignificant issue, it can cause employees to lose time and productivity, and equipment overuse or failure. It is important to choose paper that has been tested and holds a credible jam-free claim – like Boise Paper’s 99.99% Jam-Free® Performance Guarantee.

The Value of Selection

All paper is not created equal; therefore, businesses should assess their company’s paper usage and find what employees like best, need, and use most. Factors like thickness, shade, and brightness should be noted when searching for the best paper option for your print jobs.

The Value of Consistency

Quality paper offers another benefit – consistency. When you purchase a mill branded paper that is produced by a single manufacturer, you benefit from higher manufacturing standards and more selective product specifications.

The Value of Support

Most often North American suppliers can provide an elevated level of service and support. Domestic manufacturers are typically more responsive, accessible, and can offer more personal solutions.

To learn more about sourcing quality paper visit our website or read through our detailed white paper.

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