What to Do Before Logging Off for the Holidays

December 12, 2023

The holiday season is a time for relaxation, celebration, and spending quality time with loved ones. It can be a much-needed break from the daily grind, but it can also be difficult if you’re not well-prepared. To ensure a stress-free holiday season, it’s important to wrap up your work and responsibilities before logging off. Here are a few things to check off your list before you step away for the holidays.

Complete Work Tasks

Before you head out for your holiday break, make sure all your work tasks are up to date. Review your to-do list and prioritize tasks that must be finished before you leave. Ensure that your colleagues or team members are aware of your schedule and any outstanding projects that need attention in your absence.

Clear Your Inbox

Take some time to clear your email inbox. Respond to important emails, archive or delete unnecessary ones, and set up filters to categorize incoming messages. This will help you return to a clean and organized inbox after your break.

Organize Your Workspace

A clean and organized workspace is more inviting when you return. Tidy up your desk, wipe down your computer screen, mouse, and keyboard, and organize your files. This not only helps you start fresh upon your return but also prevents any work-related stress during your time off.

Set an Out-of-Office Message

An out-of-office message is a courteous way to inform people that you won’t be available during your holiday break. Be sure to include the dates you’ll be away and an alternative contact person, if applicable. This message is crucial for managing expectations and avoiding unnecessary stress during your time off.

Set Boundaries

While it’s important to disconnect and recharge during the holidays, setting boundaries can help you enjoy your time off without feeling overwhelmed. Inform friends and colleagues about your limited availability and encourage them to respect your holiday downtime.

Preparing for the holidays is all about setting yourself up for a peaceful, stress-free break. By creating and following a checklist, you can ensure that you’ve taken care of your responsibilities, leaving you free to fully enjoy your time off. Remember that proper planning and organization are the keys to a well-deserved and restful





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