Why Should You Choose a Sustainable Procurement Strategy?

July 20, 2022

Source: “Why Should You Choose a Sustainable Procurement Strategy?” by Source Today

As the conversation around “going green” and sustainability continues to evolve, consumers and businesses alike are forced to look at the role we play in this. For consumers, that often means taking a deeper look into the business you’re buying from. Where are they getting their products from? How are they being developed? In a recent article, Source Today provided insights into how the idea of sustainable procurement can come into play for businesses and organizations.

According to the article, sustainable procurement refers to how businesses can build a more sustainable supply chain and reduce environmental impacts. A simple starting point is making sure that throughout the entire procurement process suppliers are acting responsibly and ethically. For many businesses, this means being transparent about where their products are coming from and using new tools such as AI and tracking devices to monitor the path it takes – from origin to final destination.

The article notes that typically, sustainable procurement affects a business’s ESG strategy – a measure of its environmental, social, and governance factors – and tends to improve a company’s performance, rather than cost resources. Lastly, implementing sustainable procurement can help businesses reassess their supply chain, build stronger partnerships, expose vulnerabilities, and get them ready for the future.

Moving forward, it is expected that customers will continue to desire a certain standard regarding environmentally friendly and sustainable practices from businesses. Implementing sustainable procurement now may be a great way to get a competitive edge, improve consumer and supplier relationships, and boost public reputation.

To learn more about sustainable procurement, visit Source Today.

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